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Date 2020-02-11

The department has been designed to provide the sociology courses for both graduate and undergraduate students since 2006, right after the complete separation of sociology from social work. For undergraduate students, through the required and core courses-taking in two areas of population , family , and social stratification, and of globalization and social innovation, would help them determine their interest and major in the junior years. For graduate students, they have to specialize in the same two special areas.

The department is strongly committed to teaching and research in the widest possible range of social inquiry, and the department faculty studies a wide range of social phenomena and issues, using various theories and methods. Their research interests are associated with the following five clusters: economy and organization, social capital and network analysis, regional development and migration, stratification and demography, education and mobility. Most faculty members focus on the area of Taiwan, some on China, and few on South Korea, and many of them have joined and affiliated with different research centers in the campus: The Center for Taiwan Studies, The Center for China Studies, The Center for the Third Sector, and others. The curriculum design matches well with faculty’s research interests at graduate level in particular.

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